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Corporate vision:
Since its inception, Vali has been committed to the development, production and operation of photoinitiators, continuous technological innovation, development of new products and production process improvement. To enhance the product value with excellent quality, to meet customer needs with high-quality service, to lead the development with superb technology, to lead the market with first-class brand, and strive to build Vali into a leader in the UV curing industry (vision). This is not only Vali's firm belief, but also the goal of Vali's cause.
Core values:
People oriented: everyone is a talent; respect ability and provide opportunities; matching return and contribution; lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
Rational pursuit: prefer to slow down one step and two steps rather than take the wrong half step; pursue sustainable development; solve problems in development.
Change and Innovation: be brave in self denial and self motivation; be brave in trying and continuous improvement; pursue excellence and be unwilling to be ordinary.
Authorized operation: highly unified responsibilities, rights and interests; full authorization, strict supervision; level by level decentralization, results oriented.
Cooperation and sharing: mutual trust, taking the initiative to take responsibility; communication and cooperation, complementary and collaborative; value for respect, benefit sharing.
Business purpose:
The purpose of an enterprise refers to its long-term development direction, goal, purpose and self-defined social responsibility and obligation.
Innovation leads development: innovation is the power and source of enterprise development. We are in today's era of rapid change. Only continuous innovation can keep the enterprise prosperous forever. Technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and market innovation are the eternal truth of an enterprise and the key to its sustainable success. Innovation has achieved today's long-term development, and innovation will lead the future long-term development.
Science and technology transform life: in today's era, the rapid development of science and technology leads the progress of the times and profoundly changes our lives. Long time regards science and technology as the foundation of the enterprise. Through the industrialization of science and technology, we not only create profits for the enterprise, but also provide high-tech products for the society, improve and improve people's life style, enable people to enjoy better, comfortable and convenient life brought by science and technology, and repay the society in our unique way.
Business rules:
There should be a fundamental principle in management activities, and all management should be carried out around a fundamental core idea. This core idea is what we call the business philosophy here.
Taking technology as the core: technology is the cornerstone of long-term development. Taking technology as the core requires us to strive to promote scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve production technology, transform technical equipment, improve scientific and technological content, optimize product upgrading, realize independent innovation, and promote scientific and technological progress and development of enterprises.
Take the market as the guide: the market is the soil for the survival of enterprises and the source of all business activities. Taking the market as the guide requires us to understand, judge and master the market development trend, actively occupy the market, expand the market and control the market, regard customers as our parents, fully understand customer needs and meet customer wishes.
Quality as guarantee: quality is the life of an enterprise. Quality as guarantee requires us to enhance quality awareness, strictly control all aspects of product production, strictly control product quality, continuously improve product quality and service quality, take quality objectives as unremitting pursuit, survive with quality and develop with quality.
Enterprise style:
Unity: a team spirit of common aspiration. An enterprise needs a working team. The power of unity and cooperation is huge. Only like-minded people are the team. Otherwise, they are just a group of people,
We will not accomplish great things. Chinese style
Tension: a highly efficient style of action. It is the result of strict and efficient work style and urgency. At the same time, tension can help to promote the work. The working environment of an enterprise needs a group of "acute" work teams to seize the opportunity. Chinese style
Serious: a conscientious attitude. We are required to have a serious and responsible work attitude and a serious and strict work character, implement management and abide by the company's rules and regulations according to the company's system, and obey the organization. Chinese style
Lively: a harmonious atmosphere of vitality and sunshine. The team needs a vigorous and upward team to continuously develop and innovate and forge ahead. At the same time, the enterprise is willing to share the joy of success and work with all employees to develop a better future.

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